Bonita Springs, FL: The Gateway to the Gulf

Fuimos Bonita Springs, Florida

Sometimes it’s just nice to get away. The weather in Bonita Springs was a little disappointing for this time of year (tornadoes, eek!), but I had a great time on vacation anyways, getting to know my boyfriend’s family and visiting a lovely part of Florida I hadn’t been to before. The weather there beats Denver in January any day, and we still managed to get in a half-day at the beach and a few trips to the pool.

Our parasailing reservation was cancelled due to wind, so we took a bout tour instead. I don’t have the pictures from the Port Royal cruise we took in Naples just yet, and I’m not sure how well any of them came out, but the Port Royal Sunset Cruise was my favorite part of the whole trip.

The boat, equipped with full-bar and snacks, takes off from downtown Naples and sails through a neighborhood of some of the most-beautiful and mind-boggling HUGE waterfront houses. In this upscale community, with homes ranging from 1 million to 60 million dollars, we saw one plot of land that faces out into the Gulf of Mexico, complete with beautiful Bonsai trees that must have been there for quite some time. The only thing missing from the plot of land was a house. The tour operator said the owners bought the home that was originally there for 26.5 MILLION dollars, and then tore it down to rebuild a new one. I, I… I can’t even imagine. It was humbling to even try.

After the tour, the boat sailed further out into the gulf for a gorgeous sunset. It was still a bit windy out from the week’s rough weather and boat-sickness almost got the best of me, but a few friendly dolphins that greeted us in the Gulf distracted me from the waves splashing in my stomach. There were five dolphins who were all too happy to give the good people a show. I watched in awe as three of them flipped in tandem and then disappeared again under the water. It was one of those rare and wonderful moments on a trip that you know you’ll remember forever.

We also ate well and felt extra classy at Roy’s, a chain-restaurant we don’t have in Denver. The filet mignon potstickers were good enough to fight over, though we shared nicely and split the last one in half. It was a great place to spend our anniversary and relax together before heading back home the next day.

As with most vacations, leaving came too soon and I wished we could stay longer to soak up some more sun and water before the reality of snow and ice back home, but it was just nice to get away for a little while and I can’t wait to do it again.

Enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think in the comments.

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