Mr. Change

You know what’s great and simultaneously sucks about life?

It changes. And then it changes… And changes some more.

I wonder why things, sometimes the best things, never stay the same. Other times, I wonder where I would have ended up if they had.

Starting Monday, my life is going to be very different than it has been for the past year. My only choice is to face it with optimistic perspective, but I’d be lying if I said the void of the unknown I’m looking out on doesn’t scare the hell out of me. I’m no more certain what next week will hold than I am sure of what will happen next month.

I suppose there’s beauty in this, this exhausting extraction of emotion and this delicate, abrupt uncertainty about everything essential to my humanity… I know if I face it in the right light only good things can be the result.

So have it your way Mr. Change, do with me what you will – I’m not backing down from a little adversity; not now, not ever.